He can make you laugh. He can make you break out in tears. Or send a chill up your spine.

The vocal control, the energy with which he reads, nay, narrates the piece. And then, the characters come to life. Hannibal plays every role, painting completely winning portraits. Whether it’s the most evil or the most sacred, he acts with great sensitivity to any role. He expresses the characters’ various emotions, sometimes simultaneously opposites.

Add to all this talent, an incisive notion of the deepest meanings and thematics of story. Hannibal is able to grasp story concepts instantly and apply that knowledge to the performance.

Hannibal Hills is a first and foremost an actor. It may be those vagabond years that taught him the great fundamentals of performance: clear voice, movement, energy, understanding, and emoting.

It has been my great privilege to work with him on four performances of my novels. He brings so much to the table.

-Vee James, May 2021