Meet the Author – Vee James

Vee James

My love of stories began with my mother, Doris, reading to me. Not just Dick and Sally or children’s literature but the classics. She read aloud whatever she was reading for herself, whether it was Shakespeare or “The Ancient Mariner”. At two, I crawled up on a tree stump to deliver those immortal words, “To be or not to be”. True story.

At 5, I dictated to my mom my first play. As she typed away on her Smith-Corona, I told the story of “Love versus Hate”. I went on to “write” schoolboy versions of “Tom Sawyer”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and others.

Performance was in my blood and I turned to acting in children’s theater and performances in high school and college. I played Uncle Smelicue in “Dark of the Moon”, Bottom in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and a starry-eyes lover in the melodrama, “Bertha, the Bartender’s Beautiful Baby”. I had the unique experience of playing Randall P. McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” the same year Nicholson won the Oscar.

Always sustaining this energy was the love of stories and language. I never found it difficult to perform because I loved to share the words of great writers with an audience.

In the 90’s, a dear friend challenged me to write stories in many different genres and together we explored Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, SciFi, Travel Writing, and many other forms. I was so fortunate to have this friend who presented me with both supportive feedback and brotherly critique.

In 2012, I attended what is truly a life-changing writers workshop in New Hampshire called “Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust”. For six intense weeks, I felt like a Martian colonist cocooned in an immersive, writer-friendly capsule. My skills put to the test daily, my imagination challenged by the great minds around me, my heart soaring with the love of this art.

Even with this powerful infusion, it took me a long time to believe deeply enough in my skills to want to publish. But now I feel myself turning outward, reaching out to the rest of humanity, searching for like-minded readers who balance a healthy sense of humor with a serious exploration of the human condition.