Reviews of Books and Audiobooks By Vee James



Instant cult classic  (eBook)

A tongue-in-cheek fable about good versus evil starring an ambitious demon who wants to enhance his career by destroying goodness in the last remaining untainted kingdom. Terrific characterizations and sly humor: Hell is run like a Wall Street bank, the most watched network is HNN, and the unlikely hero is straight out of an episode of Parks and Recreation. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments. For example, the demon meets up with a more powerful devil and is at a loss for words, causing the devil to run through the litany of things we say to shoo away salesmen, including “I’ve been saved.” Instant cult classic.

Delightfully Demonic Reading  (eBook)

In NECCABASHAR, Vee James offers readers a delightful mix of demonic fantasy, mystery, and more than a few laugh-out-loud moments. The quirky characters spring to life by way of James’ vivid descriptions and the characters’ own idiosyncratic actions. A well-paced plot and realistically drawn scenes pull the reader right into Neccabashar’s world. This amusing story is a worthy diversion for light reading.


Neccabashar is an unlikely hero in this medieval fantasy tale of imaginative characters that draw you into Neccabashar’s special quest. The story engages you more and more as you read on and provides humor and telling insights in this fable of good over evil.
Enjoyed the quirky and very real characterizations and the adventurous narrative.

A strange thing happens on the road to evil.

A demon is hell-bent on destroying The Order of the Joyful Supplicants but finds he inadvertently makes those he encounters happy instead. Vee James writes serious fantasy fiction but he does so with a twinkle in his eye. The world of his creation is filled with strange creatures, knights and beautiful ladies and laughter.

Neccabashar — You have to love the poor devil!

Okay, my mistake, Neccabashar is a demon, not a devil. He’s an uppity young demon on the slow-plodding Evil Council. Eager to spread misery among medieval humans, Neccabashar goes off on his own evil romp. It all goes wrong in a delicious comedy of errors. Wacky characters, wicked humor! Who knew a demon could have a soul of its own? A fun read for teens and adults alike.

Neccabashar II

Neccabashar II: The Sequel

Prime concept for Comedy Central

Once again, the concept of Hell as a Wall Street corporation is done to perfection. Demoted demon Neccabashar has a chance to get out of jail if he can steal the soul of a Dickens-style writer on Earth. At the same time, a novice angel must sway the writer to the Light. Expect action, philosophy, and laugh-out-loud humor. Would make a better movie than Hellboy.

Keeps getting better!

Expanded on everything I loved in the first – good and evil, heaven and hell, petty squabbles and saving face on both sides of the fence. Enjoyed the setting of Hell in particular and certainly the grey in between the black and white. Would recommend to anyone that enjoyed Good Omens or Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.