I’ve had a challenging spring. I caught COVID right as April began and it took me down for about nine days. I feel very fortunate I had at least gotten Pfizer #1 and I believe it lessened the symptoms severely.
After that, it’s been high season at my “Real Job” office-at-home. As people return to normality, many home owners are either doing improvements or selling and moving. I’m sure you’re hearing about the real estate boom. Anyway, regular job has been a crush for most of the rest of April and into May.
In spite of all that, although delayed my next book is finally launching. My first entry into the junior fiction market, “The Witch’s Cookbook.” If all the stars line up just right, it will be out May 15 (in at least one format). It will be out on audiobook and e-book formats and, for the first time, you will be able to order it in paperback.

My advice to anyone out there writing and hoping, keep crafting, keep improving.