Neccabashar Audiobook by Vee James. Narrated by Hannibal Hills


Written by Vee James

Narrated by Hannibal Hills

“I absolutely loved this book. It is very funny and tongue-in-cheek. The demonic main character is likable and engaging. The narration is VERY well done and really brings this story to life. I pretty much binge-listened to this and finished it in a day because I was enjoying it so much.”
“This book is funny. I haven’t read anything by Vee James previously, so I went in knowing nothing about the author’s style. It’s interesting enough to keep you reading and the characters are developed enough to become vested. The antics are silly, fun and rated PG-13.”
“The narrator, Hannabal Hills, was fantastic! His voice reminded me of Tom Ellis from Lucifer. Just a perfect fit. He did voices for the different characters and his narration was very smooth and very pleasant on the ears. Just like Neccabashar, he can cast a spell.”
“If you like your fairytales a little less Disney, this is for you!”