Neccabashar 2 By Vee James

Neccabashar II

Neccabashar II: The Sequel

Once again, the concept of Hell as a Wall Street corporation is done to perfection. Demoted demon Neccabashar has a chance to get out of jail if he can steal the soul of a Dickens-style writer on Earth. At the same time, a novice angel must sway the writer to the Light. Expect action, philosophy, and laugh-out-loud humor. Would make a better movie than Hellboy.
Expanded on everything I loved in the first – good and evil, heaven and hell, petty squabbles and saving face on both sides of the fence. Enjoyed the setting of Hell in particular and certainly the grey in between the black and white. Would recommend to anyone that enjoyed Good Omens or Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.

Neccabashar has fallen so low: he’s lost his seat on the Evil Council. He’s also had to give up his bachelor pad on Volcano Plaza and has moved in with mother. He’s been forced to take a job working in the Pits and can barely afford horse treats for Torment. But never fear. Our Demon friend has a plot to regain his seat on the Evil Council.