Looking Back…I’m thankful that this year permitted me to do the following:

• Published my fantasy comedy, The Little Ship of Horrors.
• Completed the NaNoWriMo challenge for the ninth year in row, writing the fantasy novel, The Witch’s Cookbook.
• Attended the first All-Online version of The Never-Ending Odyssey Writers Workshop where my novel in progress, Neccabashar III: Renaissance was critiqued.
• Attended four online writers group meetings a month and was able to be part of the group’s effort to continue these.
• I did better at working my real job from home than I thought I would. I just got into a new routine.
• Rode my new electric bike a couple of hundred miles through most of the spring and summer.
• Avoided the virus and helped people around me stay safe.

Looking Forward…next year’s plans include:
• My long-anticipated next novel, a children’s book, The Witch’s Cookbook.
• Begin the task of revising a high fantasy trilogy called The Red Book
• Release the books all in 2021, beginning with The Red Book, Part One: Vanka
• Set a goal of 500 miles of biking in 2021. That’s only about 9.6 miles a week but it will add up.
• Continue writer’s groups, workshops and events through the year.