Yesterday I heard a very good lecture from Barbara Leary ( ) regarding Experiential Learning Styles.
I’ve always known that I love writing because it activates so much of my brain. During her talk, I realized why.
  When I’m creating a novel, when I’m the Author persona, here’s what happens…
Experiencing:    I go along in life challenging myself to capture and remember experiences, people, and sensory things.
Imagining:        I ask the “What if…” questions, the nebula where ideas form.
Reflecting:        This is where I find the themes, the crucible to a story’s meaning.
Thinking:          Structuring the plot, laying out the acts.
Initiating:        At some point, I begin writing scenes as fast as I can, in no particular order except as they appear in my mind.
Acting:            The process becomes regular, so many hours, so many words, session after session.
Deciding:        I make choices that affect story points, character arcs, and compare these with my concept of the plot.
Analyzing:       I step back and start to connect scenes, chapters. I look at overused words, sentence construction, and multiple other errors.
Balancing;       This is the revision process. Adding here, deleting there, until the novel is a unified whole.