Yesterday I heard a very good lecture from Barbara Leary ( ) regarding Experiential Learning Styles. I’ve always known that I love writing because it activates so much of my brain. During her talk, I realized why.   When I’m creating a novel, when I’m the Author persona, here’s what happens… Experiencing:    I go along in life challenging myself to capture and remember experiences, people, and sensory things. Imagining:        I ask the “What if…” questions,
Hi Everyone, Good news. Today I approved the final draft of my new audiobook, “Neccabashar II: The Sequel”. will be performing their quality checks and releasing the completed book in the next few days. The very gifted and talented Hannibal Hills has done a marvelous job bringing the story and characters to life! My thanks to him for a brilliant performance!
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First, I have to admit the question is posed in an odd way and I don’t blame anyone for interpreting it as, “What is the meaning of Life?” When I use the expression, “What makes for…”, my meaning is “What are the elements which create a meaningful life?” One could easily ask, “Meaningful to whom?” Are we to be judged?” My answer would be, “For the purposes of this essay, let’s say that it’s just
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Neccabashar II: The Sequel is out now to buy on Amazon. Neccabashar has fallen so low: he’s lost his seat on the Evil Council. He’s also had to give up his bachelor pad on Volcano Plaza and has moved in with mother. He’s been forced to take a job working in the Pits and can barely afford horse treats for Torment. But never fear. Our Demon friend has a plot to regain his seat on
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Neccabashar is now out on audio, narrated by Hannibal Hills. You can listen to a sample here: Click here to Get Your Copy!
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