September 27, 2019

The Season of Creation

‘Tis the season of NaNoWriMo, which for me, begins in October. It’s all about story development this month, laying the groundwork for the novel-writing in November. Since this will be the fourth book of the series, I have a ton of good and evil characters, monsters of my own creation, and the beginnings of a plot. But it’s going to take a huge effort to get the project ready. This really is a magical time,
THE LITTLE SHIP OF HORRORS Beautiful. Magnificent. Indestructible. These are the plaudits given to the luxury space liner as it sets forth on its maiden voyage to distant vacation planets. Onboard, far below the decks of the rich and famous, is an unhappy, forlorn janitor named Chuck who mops and sweeps and dreams of one day becoming a captain and piloting a great spaceship such as this. When a small rock of unknown origin jams
Yesterday I heard a very good lecture from Barbara Leary ( ) regarding Experiential Learning Styles. I’ve always known that I love writing because it activates so much of my brain. During her talk, I realized why.   When I’m creating a novel, when I’m the Author persona, here’s what happens… Experiencing:    I go along in life challenging myself to capture and remember experiences, people, and sensory things. Imagining:        I ask the “What if…” questions,
Hi Everyone, Good news. Today I approved the final draft of my new audiobook, “Neccabashar II: The Sequel”. will be performing their quality checks and releasing the completed book in the next few days. The very gifted and talented Hannibal Hills has done a marvelous job bringing the story and characters to life! My thanks to him for a brilliant performance!
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First, I have to admit the question is posed in an odd way and I don’t blame anyone for interpreting it as, “What is the meaning of Life?” When I use the expression, “What makes for…”, my meaning is “What are the elements which create a meaningful life?” One could easily ask, “Meaningful to whom?” Are we to be judged?” My answer would be, “For the purposes of this essay, let’s say that it’s just
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