The paperback went LIVE this morning at 10:30 a.m. It’s been a wild day! The Witch’s Cookbook: A Faerie Tale: James, Vee, Nel, Nikita, Hills, Hannibal: 9781734977264: Books
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Do YOU have a Fairytale Heart?Happy to announce my new book is up for pre-order through 6/1 when it will go live. Likely the paperback and audiobook will be up as well.And what a performance you’re going to hear! Hannibal Hills is an energetic, driving one-man show, narrating, acting, singing…brilliant performance. The Witch’s Cookbook: A Faerie Tale – Kindle edition by Vee James, illustrations by Nikita Nel, audiobook performed by Hannibal Hills. Children’s Kindle eBooks
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Just for the curious…I thought I would say something about the new company logo(s). First, a little history. Then, I’ll explain the three parts of the logo. It all began with my dear friend and fellow writer, Regan Taylor. It was the early eighties and we were all living in the Denver area. Regan had come there to study at the Colorado Institute of Art and I was working for a living and raising two
He can make you laugh. He can make you break out in tears. Or send a chill up your spine.The vocal control, the energy with which he reads, nay, narrates the piece. And then, the characters come to life. Hannibal plays every role, painting completely winning portraits. Whether it’s the most evil or the most sacred, he acts with great sensitivity to any role. He expresses the characters’ various emotions, sometimes simultaneously opposites.Add to all
I’ve had a challenging spring. I caught COVID right as April began and it took me down for about nine days. I feel very fortunate I had at least gotten Pfizer #1 and I believe it lessened the symptoms severely.After that, it’s been high season at my “Real Job” office-at-home. As people return to normality, many home owners are either doing improvements or selling and moving. I’m sure you’re hearing about the real estate boom.