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It’s all the usual stuff…until it isn’t. Robin’s normal life of classes, books, and homework is turned upside down by happenings that can’t be explained. Who is the mysterious boy who seems to show up every time disaster strikes? Why can’t the mean girls just leave her alone? And will Mom ever stop talking on her phone? At least she has her fearless friend Erin…until she doesn’t.

Where does it come from? What does it want? Robin’s life is torn apart by an invisible evil. In the end, she must face it alone.

The Witch's Cookbook


The Witch’s Cookbook

Do you have a fairytale heart?

In the magical world of Faerie lives a young Sgahm named Tardnattle. The Sgahm are kindhearted wee folk who love cooking, long walks with friends, and doing what’s right. But what happens when doing what’s right means returning a strange cookbook to a terrifying witch? A cauldron full of trouble!

Join Tardnattle and his friends, if you dare, on their quest to return “The Witch’s Cookbook”.

Out Now in ebook, paperback, and on audio!


The Little Ship of Horrors

The Little Ship of Horrors

The Award Winning Cult Hit – Out Now!

Beautiful. Magnificent. Indestructible. These are the plaudits given to the luxury space liner as it sets forth on its maiden voyage to distant vacation planets. Onboard, far below the decks of the rich and famous, is an unhappy, forlorn janitor named Chuck who mops and sweeps and dreams of one day becoming a captain and piloting a great spaceship such as this.

When a small rock of unknown origin jams up the ship’s disposal unit, the whole matter is blamed on Chuck. The rock turns out to be something much more and fills Chuck’s lonely life with purpose: for once someone needs him. But he soon realizes this purpose comes with a dreadful secret.

Can Chuck save the ship and everyone on it? Or will the expanding creature turn this stately space liner into its private lunchbox?

Winner of the Audiobook Reviewer 2020 Sci-fi Award!



“Terrific characterizations and sly humor: Hell is run like a Wall Street bank, the most watched network is HNN, and the unlikely hero is straight out of an episode of Parks and Recreation. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments. Instant cult classic.”
“Vee James offers readers a delightful mix of demonic fantasy, mystery, and more than a few laugh-out-loud moments.”
“Vee James writes serious fantasy fiction but he does so with a twinkle in his eye.”
“A delicious comedy of errors. Wacky characters, wicked humor! Who knew a demon could have a soul of its own?”

Poor Neccabashar. As the youngest demon on the Evil Council, he’s tried everything to gain the respect of the elder demons and still they ignore and slight him at every opportunity. But Neccabashar has a plan, a scheme that will finally garner him the respect he so craves: he will bring evil and chaos to the last pure bastion of good, the Happy Kingdom.

Neccabashar II

Neccabashar II: The Sequel

Once again, the concept of Hell as a Wall Street corporation is done to perfection. Demoted demon Neccabashar has a chance to get out of jail if he can steal the soul of a Dickens-style writer on Earth. At the same time, a novice angel must sway the writer to the Light. Expect action, philosophy, and laugh-out-loud humor. Would make a better movie than Hellboy.
Expanded on everything I loved in the first – good and evil, heaven and hell, petty squabbles and saving face on both sides of the fence. Enjoyed the setting of Hell in particular and certainly the grey in between the black and white. Would recommend to anyone that enjoyed Good Omens or Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.

Neccabashar has fallen so low: he’s lost his seat on the Evil Council. He’s also had to give up his bachelor pad on Volcano Plaza and has moved in with mother. He’s been forced to take a job working in the Pits and can barely afford horse treats for Torment. But never fear. Our Demon friend has a plot to regain his seat on the Evil Council.

Ancient World Horrors

Ancient World Horrors

“History, fantasy, and horror merge in this collection of intense short stories, any of which could be the premise of a movie. Set in the 1500’s, ranging from medieval Japan to Christian Europe to Ponce de Leon’s New World, the writing style and tone perfectly capture the era but the stories are pure modern horror. A clever and unique collection from a writer to watch.”

Five tales of horror in the ancient world. Matrimonial slavery, a headman’s dilemma, a torturer’s guilt, a witch’s rage, misguided forgiveness, and the undead host.